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Quality Policy
We have built a reputation for delivering high-end products. A systematic and comprehensive Quality Management System compatible with global standards ISO 9001:2000 certified by KPMG is followed at all stages to ensure high quality end result.

With the responsibility of every employee to implement and adhere to stringent quality policy, the products manufactured go through stringent quality checks. We strive to uphold quality at every stage to forge enduring relationships with our principals-customers, suppliers, distributors and resources partners. The QMS is reviewed at periodic intervals to check its effectiveness. The cutting edge technology at our disposal helps achieve excellence in quality.

We are also committed to harness excellence by implementing strict quality control policy. Technology incorporated in our manufacturing plant is sourced from the best technology provides in the world.

Quality Certification
We do not assure quality simply be inspecting products, but by establishing stringent process controls through Quality Management Systems throughout our manufacturing facilities. We have regular Quality Audits to ensure consistently high quality of raw materials and the subsequent finished products. Traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process as per ISO 9001: 2000 Certification.

We instituted a rigorous Quality Management System in our plant, which ultimately resulted in all our processes getting certified by KPMG for the international ISO 9001:2000 quality norms.